About us

Zar Sun Machineries Trading LLC is the official distributor of Valtra tractors & generators in all the Emirates (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Ras al Khaimah, Fujairah, and Umm al-Quwain) of the U.A.E.


Valtra is a pioneer in developing and tailoring, easy-to-use tractor solutions for a wide range of applications. Our mission is to help our customers’ businesses grow by maximising their return on investments. We strongly believe that a tractor is the most versatile machine for many business segments offering unlimited features for our customers’s needs.

Valtra tractors and services are recognized for their reliability, versatility, durability and Nordic roots. Each tractor is specifically designed to individual customer needs and manufactured to withstand the harshest climates and deliver the highest levels of performance in the toughest working conditions.

Today’s Valtra tractors combine the heritage of Finland’s Valmet and Sweden’s Volvo BM. The forerunner of all Valtra tractors was unveiled over a hundred years ago in 1913, when Munktell launched the 30-40 model. The company’s roots stretch back to 1832 in Sweden and 1951 in Finland.


Our values are the foundation of Valtra. They form the basis for our decisions and they guide our relationship with customers, suppliers, distributors, our parent company, our community and each other. Our five core values are accountability, integrity, team spirit, transparency and respect.


We will take responsibility for our area of influence as if this were our enterprise. We will commit to excellence.

Team Spirit

We actively contribute to overcoming challenges as a team.


We will walk the talk. We will be committed to a consistent, honest and reliable way of action.


We will provide the full information required. We will communicate openly and sincerely. We appreciate feedback.


We appreciate other individuals with their own cultural identities. We embrace differences.



Valtra has manufactured tractors since 1951, but the company’s roots date back to the 19th century. Today’s Valtra tractors represent the culmination of two traditions: Finland’s Valmet and Sweden’s Volvo BM, itself an offshoot from the Eskilstuna Mekaniska Werkstad founded by Theofron Munktell in 1832.

Since its early days, Valmet has undergone huge change and development; not just in its name changes from Valmet and ValtraValmet to Valtra, but also in innovation of products and services.


True to the Nordic tradition, Valtra puts great emphasis on the protection of the environment and our natural habitats. From production facilities to the development of new product features – we proactively seek ways to increase our environmental friendliness.

In 2018, we were able to remove 563 passenger cars from the roads by using Neste MY renewable diesel in all Valtra Suolahti factory forklift trucks and by tanking all new Valtra tractors with Neste MY Diesel.