Nothing changes along the varying weather conditions as quickly as the forest floor. But the varying tasks still need to be done no matter what the circumstances. Tractors’ superiority in forestry tasks is based on agility, versatility, cost-efficiency and mobility.

Whether you’re harvesting, mulching, chipping, forwarding or skidding the forest, a tractor is just the right solution for you. Tractors are still largely viewed as agricultural equipment but especially in Northern Europe, the popularity of tractors in forestry has been rising. Due to their good visibility and selection of implements, our tractors are used more and more for the varying tasks of forestry.

Path and road construction

Dirt and gravel roads need to be well constructed and maintained to ensure they are fit for the purpose. For this work, a machine is needed that is powerful, agile, and versatile.

Valtra tractors can be the perfect partner for these tasks. Designed, built, and tested in the very same forests which are home to the “Grand Prix on gravel”, our tractors are perfectly at home in road construction and maintenance. Powerful and reliable engines coupled with our high speed transmissions will boost efficiency. The spacious and quiet cab ensures operator fatigue is kept to a minimum. Along with our partners via Valtra Unlimited, Valtra tractors are the perfect solution.

Roadside maintenance

Roadside green areas need to be kept clean and well-mowed to ensure visibility and safety for passing traffic. High-pressure contracts, multiple operators, difficult working locations, and surrounding traffic make this a demanding task. A machine which can be trusted and is suitable for all drivers is a must when working on the roadsides.

Whether it’s narrow country lanes or urban motorways, you can rely on a Valtra tractor when the work gets tough. Easier to use than your smart phone, Valtra SmartTouch is a user interface that all operators can make the most of. A stable and well balanced tractor means mowing implements can be mounted in front and behind – doubling efficiency. Valtra Guide allows you to follow predefine routes automatically, and you can also save the locations of obstacles, reducing downtime and allowing you to concentrate on the work in hand.

Snow handling

Winter is tough on both machine and operator, not to mention the contractor or municipal entrepreneur. Unpredictable work times, long days, extreme temperatures and stressful environments. For keeping the roads open throughout the winter months, a machine must be built to last and yet nimble, able to keep up with the fast paced work.

Made and tested in the cold Finnish winters, Valtra tractors are a trusted workmate for snow handling. Valtra Connect telemetry makes fleet management easy, showing all the machines on a simple, easy to use app. The same waylines, once recorded, can be used year after year. The high speed transmission means no time is wasted when the pressure is on. The cab is the operator’s comfort zone, reducing stress and boosting efficiency, while the reverse driving solution TwinTrac reduces strain on the operator’s neck and back. Worklight packages with enough power to turn night into day ensure that you can see and be seen.

Overall fuel economy and and the agile combination with other implements makes a Valtra tractor the perfect choice for many work tasks.